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These 3 Tricks Can Help Take The Stress Out Of Hours-Long Trans-Atlantic Flights

Scott Patterson
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In 1998, long-distance swimmer Benoit Lecomte crossed 3,716 miles of the Atlantic Ocean in a 76-day-long feat. The swim was the first of its kind and stretched from Massachusetts to France. Fortunately, today’s travelers can count on air travel to shave those 76 days down to often a little more than 7 hours. Still, spending that amount of time in an airplane seat can be a bit stressful for some. Cramped legs and uncomfortable seats will eventually give way to boredom and anxiety. Suffice to say flying long distances can be a bit exhausting. That’s why our Bradley Airport parking company is here to offer some tips and tricks to turn an often stressful experience into one that’s a relative breeze.


1) Arrival and departure: Bookend your vacation to Europe by finding the best Bradley airport parking options. By flying out of an East Coast facility such as Bradley International Airport – which is located in East Granby, Connecticut, just outside of Hartford – you’ll be shaving considerable time off your flight. Further, Bradley Airport parking among other New England-area airports will offer you peace of mind during your trip to Europe, as shuttle service, complimentary foods and security officers are just some of the standard accommodations.


2) Shut eye on the “Red Eye”: Overnight flights, known as red eyes, are a great way to speed up the trans-Atlantic flight by sleeping through most of it. When shopping for airline tickets, factor the possibility of taking a red eye flight and time zone changes upon arrival to maximize time for sleeping. Further considerations if you plan to sleep on your flight should include seating, as it’s possible to find comfort even in coach.


3) Passing the time: To put things in perspective, the estimated duration of a flight out of New York City to Amsterdam is a little more than 7 hours. You can bring a book, but downloading plenty of music and podcasts onto your smart phone is another way to pass hours of time. There are a number of other ways to break up the monotony of air travel. For one, consider a layover in a mid-way location such as Iceland to allow you to get off the aircraft, stretch your legs and prepare for the next leg of the trip.


If you can secure an East Coast runway to depart from on your trans-Atlantic adventure, you’ll be sure to shave hours off an already stressful international trip. Thus, give Z Airport Parking prime consideration for Bradley Airport parking and transportation storage before you take off.