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Search Early And Often For Spring Break Flights After Securing Parking Spot At BDL Airport

Scott Patterson
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While spring may mean warmer temperatures for much of the country, this is a marginal improvement for most. If anything, the end of winter simply means the cessation of snow and whipping winds. It makes sense then that millions of American fliers are looking for a major break from the cold – a “spring break,” if you will. According to an ABC News affiliate in Tampa, Florida, there are plenty of ways to save on flights if you’re shopping early and willing to stick to a flexible schedule. Moreover, the logistical concerns of your spring break may also be varied, from finding the perfect Bradley Airport parking in Connecticut to getting someone to watch your pet while you’re away. However, knocking out the to-do list before your departure is more than feasible for the proactive traveler.


According to the ABC News article, Skyscanner.com and Google Flights are two resources for travelers to check out while shopping around for spring break flight tickets. According to the article, the premise was to find affordable options for a family of four. “With Google Flights, we would have saved $100 waiting just over a week to buy tickets to Denver,” the article states. “But for a trip to Washington, D.C., waiting would have cost us almost $100 more.” The lesson here, according to ABC News, is that prices fluctuate so proactive searching is the solution. However, affordable tickets to your spring break destination is just one concern; there are plenty of planning aspects that revolve around where you’ll leave your car when getting to your flight.


Our Bradley Airport parking company in Hartford County offers plenty of perks that make it fiscally sensible to leave your vehicle there. After parking, you’ll be able to reserve your space online ahead of time, opt for valet service, catch a shuttle to the terminal and more. Through competitive rates offered by companies like Z Airport Parking, you’ll save on this aspect of your trip and have more to spend on your spring break destination. It’s just one more reason why parking at BDL makes sense and won’t have you calling on family or friends for a ride home. The spring break seasons typically falls within March or April, depending on the schedule of your educational institution. That means time is fleeting to pick the destination and secure parking at BDL and flights to warmer climates.