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Tips to Make your Next Airport Experience a Breeze

Scott Patterson
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Are you going on a family vacation or planning a weekend away with friends? As eager as you are to get to your destination, the time spent at the airport can make for a not-so-pleasant experience. From time-consuming check-ins and long security lines, there are many things that make for a bad flight experience. But it doesn’t have to be. Smart travelers can take several steps before they fly to mitigate their travel woes. Here are some useful tips from our Bradley Airport parking company to make your next trip smoother.

Know Luggage Weight Limits

Each airline has its own limits on luggage weights. To avoid unwarranted fees, weigh your luggage ahead of time. Most domestic weight limits are set at 50 pounds.

Check-in Online

Online check-in helps save you time as it allows you to check in for your flight in advance. You can check-in from your home, office, or hotel room using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Most airlines allow online check-in up to 24 hours before flight departure.

Download the Airline App

These apps provide real-time updates, such as if your flight is delayed or your gate is changed. These apps also allow for paperless boarding, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Come to the airport early to avoid being rushed and so that you will have extra time to eat and buy items like snacks to take on the plane. If it’s a domestic flight, arriving at the airport 90 minutes ahead of departure time is suitable. For international flights, aim for two hours in advance.

Figure out Parking in Advance

To avoid a stressful Bradley Airport parking experience, book parking reservations at Z Airport Parking. Z Airport Parking allows you to conveniently reserve parking online and select your check-in and check-out date. We also have self-parking and valet parking options. Our facility is open 24/7 with free round-trip shuttles to the airport. This way you can avoid the hassles involved in parking at the airport, such as the traffic to get to the airport and searching for a parking spot.