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Tips for Leaving Your Car in Long-Term Parking at Bradley Airport

Scott Patterson
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Are you going on a business trip, taking a vacation, or visiting family across the country? You’ll need to be prepared to leave your car in a long-term Bradley Airport parking facility while you’re away. One concern with air travel is leaving your car behind while you’re gone due to the risks to your car.  At Z Airport Parking, we pride ourselves on offering a safe and secure facility to park your vehicle. To ensure your return is a pleasant one, below are things we recommend you do before leaving your car in the parking facility.
Remove Your Valuables
Although we offer secure Bradley Airport parking lots to leave your car, it’s common practice to remove any and all temptation from your vehicle. Go through your vehicle and grab any valuables, such as CDs, phone chargers, GPS devices, jewelry, and loose change. Either take them out of your car or keep them out of plain sight by placing them inside the glove compartment.
Clean out your Vehicle

Before you leave for your trip, make sure to remove any trash inside your vehicle to avoid coming back to a car that has a foul odor. Cleaning it out prior to your trip also gives you one less thing to do when you get back.
Invest in a Sun Shade

To keep the interior of your car cool while you’re away, it’s recommended to invest in a sun shade. It will protect your seats and electronic systems from damage to excessive sun exposure.


Fill your Tires

Since stationary tires are known to flatten over time, it’s a good idea to fill your tires before leaving your car parked at our Bradley Airport parking facility. This way your vehicle can be driven safely once you arrive back at the airport.
Top off your Tank

If you’re leaving your car for an extended period of time, it’s recommended to fill up your tank. A full tank of gas reduces the potential of condensation build up and prevents seals from drying out.
Make sure Everything is Turned off and Closed

Ensure that all lights are turned off, including interior lights, dome lights, and headlights, and check that your windows and doors are fully closed.