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Perfect Time To Book Summer Flights, Airport Parking In Hartford, CT, Draws Near

Scott Patterson
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Although spring-like weather has thus far been a bit elusive for those of us in the Northeast region of the U.S., that merely means summer vacation season is going to be here sooner than expected. In Connecticut, travelers will soon be looking for warm-weather escapes and the time is now to start planning. According to a 2017 Fortune magazine article, 54 days before your expected take-off date is when you should start looking for airline tickets. Given that the first day of summer in 2018 is June 21, we’re getting rather close to the sweet spot. The same goes for finding the best airport parking in Hartford CT, as the time to secure storage for your car is when you book the flight out. In this article, our Bradley Airport parking company will explore some of the best suggestions from the seasoned travel experts at Fortune when it comes to booking your summer vacation flights.


The Fortune magazine article breaks down the timeline for buying domestic airline tickets like this: First dibs, peace of mind, prime booking window, the push your luck period and finally, “Hail Mary.” The exact dates associated with those periods go like this: six to 11 months out, three to six months in advance, three weeks to three months out, two weeks and then less than two weeks away. Interestingly enough, the article states that the cheapest tickets won’t be had if you’re shopping as far in advance as possible. “The study found that ‘first dibs; tickets … tend to be on the higher side, as flights have just opened and airlines are less desperate to make sales,” the article states. Even the “peace of mind” category “can have moderately pricey fares.” As noted above, you’ll want to start shopping three months to three weeks before your flight; this is when prices are the most favorable.


While such exhaustive planning for finding airport parking in Hartford CT isn’t necessary, it’s still important to leave your vehicle at a facility that makes you feel safe and appreciated. At Z Airport Parking located just outside Bradley International Airport, for example, the list of amenities and service is long. Those who opt for this facility as their solution for airport parking in Hartford CT will be able to take advantage of advance booking options, free shuttles to the terminal, valet services and the options for companies to enroll in corporate discounts. Once the weather breaks, we’ll all be thinking that summer is just around the corner. Those who start doing their homework now are bound to be in for a far less stressful flight and will appreciate the peace of mind that our Bradley Airport parking company in Hartford CT can offer!