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Park And Fly Services Are Proven Way To Take Stress Out Of Airport Travel Experience

Scott Patterson
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Whether it was a sign of the economic times or the fact that we’ve all got more going on these days, travel agency AAA expected some 103 million Americans to hit the road or take to the skies between Dec. 23, 2016 and Jan. 2, 2017. According to AAA’s annual holiday travel forecast, that was the highest amount on record and surpassed the approximately 1.5 million folks who travelled to see family, friends and loved ones the year before. While the estimated for Christmas 2017 have yet to be released, AAA projected nearly 51 million Americans would travel more than 50 miles during this most recent Thanksgiving holiday. For those who plan to fly during the upcoming Christmas holiday period, the need to find dependable park and fly facilities can’t be understated. For those in the Hartford County area of Connecticut and looking for Bradley Airport parking options, we’re here to explain why this is the best decision you can make to take some of the stress out of your upcoming journey. Z Airport Parking’s park and fly facilities is a prime example of relieving the stress and hassle of airport travel.


According to AAA’s recent Thanksgiving forecast, airfare is at its lowest prices since 2013 while the industry is experiencing an overall growth of five percent. Conversely, gasoline and diesel prices for vehicles is at its highest Thanksgiving-period point since 2014 and car rental prices are also on the rise. It doesn’t take too long to figure out that park and fly services at airports are going to be a popular option. That’s because driving yourself to the airport and trusting Bradley International Airport parking options is a safe, budget-friendly and convenient option. To take advantage of park and fly options, all a driver needs to do is take a ticket at the lot upon arrival and wait for Bradley Airport parking shuttles to get them to the appropriate terminal on time.


According to the AAA forecast for 2017’s Thanksgiving travel season, those departing from John F. Kennedy International Airport, O’Hare International Airport and Denver International Airport faced the most congested roadways on their way to the tarmac. If you expect to be driving to a busy airport for your 2017 Christmas travels – but will still be taking advantage of park and fly services – it’s suggested that you leave plenty of time to make it through security screenings. As seasoned Bradley Airport parking users will tell you, the valet services, free shuttle and competitive rates make this a desirable service even during the most hectic time of the year.