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What to Look for When Parking at BDL

Scott Patterson
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If you are headed to BDL to take a vacation, a business trip or head home from a year away at school, you will want to make sure your car is safe while you are gone. Flights in and out of BDL happen around the clock, which means the Bradley Airport parking lots will have to be manned 24/7. Here’s what to look for when parking at BDL.


Security Fencing


The most secure parking lots at an airport will have security fencing all around them. The fencing is high enough to prevent someone from easily jumping it. The fencing is also high enough that if someone decides to climb it they will likely be seen by security prior to coming down the other side into the lot.


Security Lighting


Security lighting is another important feature of a safe Bradley Airport parking lot. Light towers make it more difficult for predators to lurk and strike in a lot. The lights also make it easier for you to find your car in the middle of the night when you arrive at BDL on a red eye flight.




The most secure lots at BDL will have CCTV cameras all over the lots. CCTV cameras make it easier for security personnel to monitor the people walking around the lot as well as the cars parked there. CCTV can be recorded so it can be used at a later date for any investigations that need to be conducted.


24-Hour Patrol


Bradley Airport parkingalso comes with 24-hour patrol. Security personnel work around the clock at these lots and patrol on foot, on bicycles and in vehicles. They check parked cars, pedestrians and other issues that might arise during their shift.


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