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The Next Time You Fly, Avoid These Airline Fees

BDL Airport Parking
Although it can cost you several hundred bucks, being able to hop on a plane and fly thousands of miles in just a few hours is quite the phenomenon. Believe it or not, it's cheaper to fly today than it was 30 years ago, but there are still some airline fees that can add up during your trip. Here, our BDL Airport parking company shares some of the most popular fees you can avoid.
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Search Early And Often For Spring Break Flights After Securing Parking Spot At BDL Airport

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While spring may mean warmer temperatures for much of the country, this is a marginal improvement for most. If anything, the end of winter simply means the cessation of snow and whipping winds. It makes sense then that millions of American fliers are looking for a major break from the cold – a “spring break,” if you will.
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These 3 Tricks Can Help Take The Stress Out Of Hours-Long Trans-Atlantic Flights

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In 1998, long-distance swimmer Benoit Lecomte crossed 3,716 miles of the Atlantic Ocean in a 76-day-long feat. The swim was the first of its kind and stretched from Massachusetts to France. Fortunately, today’s travelers can count on air travel to shave those 76 days down to often a little more than 7 hours.
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