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3 Reasons Why Long-Term Parking At BDL Airport Is Traveler’s Best (And Wallet-Friendly) Bet

Scott Patterson
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If you are planning a long family vacation this winter, you will have plenty of things to consider prior to leaving for the trip. One of those items is whether or not you should drive to the airport and leave your car at a parking facility nearby. This is quite an easy question to answer: Yes! Today, we will explain why you should take advantage of our Bradley Airport parking company and the complimentary perks we offer.


1) Fast Transportation: Quite possibly one of the biggest benefits of using long-term parking is that airport shuttles can get you to and from the airport before and after your trip. Vacationers want to spend as little time as possible at the airport upon their return home; they simply want to get their luggage and head home. You won’t have to wave down a taxi or call for an Uber once you grab your luggage – just take advantage of our Bradley Airport parking company and we’ll have a shuttle van come get you. Once you have your bags, you can head straight for the shuttle, then your car and then for home.


2) Safe and Secure: You likely used taxis or Uber drivers during your entire time on vacation. Those drivers might not have been as safe behind the wheel as you would like. You can easily return to your own vehicle by taking advantage of long-term airport parking and the safe and dependable shuttle services we offer. Moreover, the lot security at our facility near BDL means 24/7 monitoring — because we’re open around-the-clock.


3) Save Money: Using an airport shuttle van is a complimentary service for those who opt to park at our Bradley Airport parking company; taxis are not. You can save money by leaving your car at a parking facility near the airport while you are on vacation. The fact that you can return to your vehicle shortly after landing means you won’t have to wait around for a friend or family member to pick you up – or pay sky-high taxi fares. Take advantage of long term airport parking at BDL the next time you head out for a family vacation!